Black to Play - Draw

1...Rc6+! 2.Ka5 Rc5+ 3.Ka4 On 3.Kb4 Fine's 3...Rc6? loses (3...Rc8 draws 4.a7 Ra8! 5.Ra2 Kc6 and Black wins the a-pawn) 4.Ra2! Rc8 5.a7 Ra8 6.Kb5! Kc7 7.Ka6! and wins. Fine calls 3...Rc8 a mistake, but Black still holds after 4.Rb7+ Kc6! 5.Ka5 Rc7! (instead of Fine's 5...Rh8?) The White pawn will be unable to advance.

Analysis using computer generated chess endgame tablebase.

Partially corrected as Position 652 in the Benko edition.